Print the resources you require. For flash cards from ESL Flashcards, click on "Download Small Flashcards" and print the pdf file. For "nouns" and "picture sort", download and unzip the zip file. There are over 100 nouns, so a zip file is the only easy way to download them for your own use. Some of the resources require the cutting out of words, letters, or pictures, including "Letter to Word", "Missing Letter", "Money", "Picture to Word", "Word to Word", "Count Out", "Label Class", "Picture to Picture", "Picture to Object", "Block Design", "Copy Sequence", "Replicate", and "Pattern". Cut these out and put them in a zipper style baggie. To edit, click on the word EDIT for a copy you may be able to edit, depending on the program used to create the original file. The first task codes are for The ABLLS, the ones after "ABLLS-R" are for the revised ABLLS.


Adjectives G11, G26, C40, C41 ABLLS-R G13, G22, C24, C41 

Associations (zip) C44 ABLLS-R C36, B16 

Block Design B6, B7 ABLLS-R B9, B12 

Body Parts G9, C18 ABLLS-R G5, C21 

Characteristics EDIT C42, C43 ABLLS-R C48, C49 

Clothes C19 ABLLS-R C22 

Colour EDIT S2 ABLLS-R S2 

Comprehension EDIT I See At School Q15 ABLLS-R Q17 

Copy S4, S5 ABLLS-R S5, S6 

Copy Letters EDIT S6 S7 ABLLS-R S7, S8 

Copy Word EDIT T3 ABLLS-R T3 

Copy Sequence B8 ABLLS-R B13 

Count EDIT R3, R4 ABLLS-R R3, R4 

Count Out EDIT R5, R9 ABLLS-R R5, R14, R19 

Decode EDIT Q11 ABLLS-R Q11 

Dolch EDIT Q10 ABLLS-R Q10 

Emotions G39, C51 ABLLS-R G42, C54 

Helpers G27, C36 ABLLS-R G31, C42 

Instructions EDIT ABLLS-R Q16 

Label Class (zip) G16 ABLLS-R G25 

Label Exclusion EDIT G20, C49 ABLLS-R G29, C56 

Label Function EDIT G15, C20 ABLLS-R G24, C37 

Label of Class EDIT G14 ABLLS-R G17 

Label of Feature EDIT G13, C21 ABLLS-R G16, C38 

Label of Function EDIT G12 ABLLS-R G15 

Label Parts EDIT G10 ABLLS-R G12, C23 

Label Set Class EDIT G17 ABLLS-R G27 

Letter to Word EDIT Q7, Q8, T1 ABLLS-R Q7, Q8, T1 

Letters Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 ABLLS-R Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 


Math Words EDIT R15 to R42 ABLLS-R R9-13, R15-18, R25-29 

Mazes B21 ABLLS-R B27 

Missing Letter EDIT Q9, T2, T4 ABLLS-R Q9, T2, T4 

Missing Word EDIT Q14 ABLLS-R Q14 

Money R12, R13, R14 ABLLS-R R22, R23, R24 

Nouns (zip) G4, C15, C24 ABLLS-R G4, C14, C17 

Numbers EDIT R6, R7 ABLLS-R R6, R7 

Objects in Pictures EDIT C37, C38 ABLLS-R C43, C44 

Pattern B17 ABLLS-R B22 

Picture Sort (zip) B5 ABLLS-R B8 

Picture to Object EDIT B3, B4 ABLLS-R B6, B4 

Picture to Picture EDIT B2 ABLLS-R B5 

Picture to Word EDIT Q5 ABLLS-R Q5 

Prepositions G30 ABLLS-R G35 

Print EDIT S8, S9 ABLLS-R S9, S10, T7 

Replicate B15, B16 ABLLS-R B20, B21 

Required B1, B3, B4, B9-B14, B18 ABLLS-R B3, B6, B4, B2, B1, B10, B11, B14, B15, B23 

Same Different EDIT C46 ABLLS-R C55 

Scenes (zip) G36, H24, C37, C38, C50 ABLLS-R G39, H22, C43, C44, C53 

Select All EDIT ABLLS-R C46 

Sentences EDIT Q12, Q13 ABLLS-R Q12, Q13 

Sequences(3) Sequences(4) B20 ABLLS-R B26 

Seriation B19 ABLLS-R B25 

Sort Class (zip) ABLLS-R B19 

Sort Feature (zip) ABLLS-R B18 

Sort Function (zip) ABLLS-R B17 

Sounds (zip) G28, H4, C39 ABLLS-R G33, H4, C45 

Spell List EDIT T6 ABLLS-R T6 

Steps EDIT C45 ABLLS-R C50 

Ten Items EDIT C26 ABLLS-R C41 

Time R11 ABLLS-R R21 

Trace EDIT S3 ABLLS-R S3, S4 

Two Nouns (zip) G23 ABLLS-R G19 

Verbs G6, G25, C34, C52 ABLLS-R G8, G21, C35, C57 

What's Wrong? EDIT G19, G21 ABLLS-R G28, G30 

Word to Word EDIT Q6 ABLLS-R Q6 

Work Instructions EDIT ABLLS-R Q15 

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that can be used for generalization.


Trace, copy, print letters and numbers EDIT S3, S6, S7 S8, S9 ABLLS-R S3, S4, S7, S8, S9, S10, T7 

Copy straight lines S4 ABLLS-R S5

Copy straight shapes S4 ABLLS-R S5 

Copy curved lines S5 ABLLS-R S6 

Copy curved shapes S5 ABLLS-R S6 

Copy letters S6 ABLLS-R S7

Copy numbers S7 ABLLS-R S8 


Picture to Word Q5 ABLLS-R Q5 

Word to Word Q6 ABLLS-R Q6 

Letter to Word Q7, Q8, T1 ABLLS-R Q7, Q8, T1 


Number to Amount R8 ABLLS-R R8

Adding Pictures and Numbers R10 ABLLS-R R20

Adding Pictures R10 ABLLS-R R20

Adding Numbers R10 ABLLS-R R20

Adding Number Line R10 ABLLS-R R20


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